Monday, February 3, 2014

Nerdy Naturalist's Flickr

Horseshoe Park, RMNPEmerald Lake, RMNPTree ChairGray JayStellar's JayAspen
Many people have said they want to see more photos! I'm very humbled that you've enjoyed the pictures. Photography is still so new to me. I've only had my camera for 7 months so in no way do I think my pictures deserve such grand complements, but thank you all for your support.

The problem is... it take a while to generate blog posts that I can use photos with. Many times it takes me 2-3 photo trips to get the amount of pictures needed for a single blog post (especially if I am writing about a specific species).

Since so many have requested more photos to see, I have set up a Flickr photostream. I'll be posting just pictures here more often between blog posts. I will also load old pictures this week... so make sure you come check the photostream out again come Friday.

Thank you again for your support! I hope you enjoy a photographic journey with me!

Feel free to find it here:

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